ImageI’m sorry to say that I only just now was reminded that I had this blog. The book has been out for two years now, and I’ve not come back here to post progress – of which there has certainly been much. In the past several months I have been revising this book, and renaming it to Cultivating Your Personal Learning Network: A Gardener’s Approach to Learning. You notice that I switched the title and subtitle, at my wife’s urging.

The most important part of this upgrade, besides a major edit and addition of at least one chapter on mobile learning (the iPad had not yet been launched with the release of the 1st edition) is the inclusion of ebook and ibook versions. A Kindle version can now be purchased from Amazon for your Kindle ereader and an iBook from the iBookstore for and through you iPad. The print and ebook versions both include QR-codes for accessing dynamic content and the iBook version has it embedded in the book.

I am very excited about the addition of interactive content and must mention here that I learned so much, with the help of many of the techniques covered in the book, in the process of this republishing.

You can go to my 2¢ Worth blog to read a little more detail.